15.2hh, 7 year old Connemara X gelding for sale.

Hertfordshire Posted on 21 November 20 Private

Short Info

County: Hertfordshire

Height: 15.2 hands (154.43cm)

Age: 7

Gender: Gelding

PCUK Area: Area 12

Expires: 20 days 24 hours

Number of Views: 710


Patrick is a dapple grey 15.1 /15.2hh, 7 year old gelding. He is a Connemara x Irish cob. He is looking for a home where he can be loved and enjoy some pony club or riding club activities.

Patrick’s plus points.... He is a little stunner and fortunately he is NOT a mud monster. He is very clean in his stable and ok on straw and unsoaked hay so no weary stable chores required. Patrick is a dream to shoe, clip ( including head, legs, ears etc), travels perfectly in box or trailer and will stand on lorry all day!
Patrick is currently turned out with geldings but used to be with mares. He comes in at night and is a fan of a cosy stable and will come to call . He does not have any stable vices and is a good doer so doesn’t need a ton of hay to keep him going.
Patrick is a dream to hack. He will march on through puddles, however massive, walkover plastic sheeting, doesn’t bat an eyelid at traffic, however big or anything hiding in the hedgerows. He was ridden by an 11 year old girl for a year and is as safe as any horse can be to hack. He has started jumping and it appears to be ` his thing`. He has been xc schooling and jumps everything he is presented to. He makes a lovely shape over a fence and so far has been schooled up to 1 metre but has scope so will go higher. He has a very careful jump. He can work nicely in the school but is still green , doesn’t enjoy schooling and as of yet hasn’t competed at flatwork.
Patrick is affection and loves to be cuddled, groomed and also enjoys a bath.

Patrick’s quirks..... He will tow you to anything edible if you attempt to lead him in a head collar. He is very food driven. He finds flatwork difficult at this stage of his schooling but he has been taught by advanced dressage trainers and it is all there..just needs practice. However he can be grumpy in the school if he is struggling and has been known to put bucks in so will need a confident rider in school. ( perfect for novices to hack though).
Patrick has been with me for well over a year. I just don’t have the finances to keep him. He passed a 3 stage vetting when I brought him , although it was noted he had a sarcoidosis on his sheath. This is almost disappeared now and I keep him on some herb mix that ensures no reoccurrence. He went through a reluctant stage shortly after I got him and was diagnosed with stomach ulcers. These have been treated and a rescope showed no ulcers remain. I manage him with cropped grass and bran feed and a gut balancer and have had no issues since. However this may need to be bourne in mind when thinking of insurance.

Overall he is a stunning little horse with lots of potential and is a doodle to look after and handle. A perfect mother / child share.

Price reflects the fact that home is very important. His tack, rugs etc are available at additional cost.

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