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Northamptonshire Posted on 06 May 22 Private

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County: Northamptonshire

Height: 11.3 hands (114.81cm)

Age: 11

Gender: Gelding

PCUK Area: Area 7

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Copybush Cottontail

With a very heavy heart we are selling our wonderful lead rein pony, Bill.

We bought Bill for our daughter two years ago and he has taught her so much in that time. He is a fabulous lead rein pony, who will turn his hoof to anything. He is happy for kids to bob around whilst they learn their ups and downs, pop fences or take part in any pony club activity (he can occasionally be forward going but this has never been a problem). We are only selling Bill as our eldest daughter has now moved onto another pony and our youngest is more interested in building sandcastles in the ménage than riding!

Bill is a Registered Welsh Section A, Grey, Gelding who will be 11 this month (may). He has done all pony club activities with us over the past couple of years, including SJ, XC, Mounted games and camp. He is great to hack out alone or in company and can be ridden in the heaviest of traffic, amongst farm machinery etc. He will happily be led off of another horse and will canter alongside you if the chance arises! Off of the lead, Bill is a kick along and although he has taken my daughter off of the lead rein, he seeks out the leader and doesn’t always do what little legs ask, therefore I am selling him as a lead rein pony. He has a lovely bouncy little canter that a leader can run alongside and loves jumping! He will pop over anything asked – the only limit is the height I can jump with him on the lead!

Bill has never had laminitis, however because of his type he can be sensitive with the grass, so I treat him as if he has and keep a very close eye on him (soaking hay and muzzle). He is great to shoe (currently shod on the front), catch, load, clip etc. He is used to being led around by the children on a daily basis. He will turn out with mares, geldings or on his own but doesn’t like to be left out on his own – he is however more than happy to stand in the stable alone.

Bill is well known in the Pytchley Hunt pony club and he was with another family in the North Warwickshire PC prior to us, where he did some showing too.

Bill will come with a full wardrobe, including a fitted 14” saddle company leather saddle. I have hundreds of photos and videos that I am happy to share too! Bill will not be sold unseen or to any dealers. He deserves to teach another little person the ropes and be in another loving family home.

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